Soholaunch Web Site Builder

Web Site building in 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1. Choose a template for your site;
  • Step 2. Choose pages for your website;
  • Step 3. Enter your site Title and Email address;
  • Step 4. Preview and Edit your pages' content;

Select a Web Site Template

Browsing from a variety of categories you can choose the best one that would coincide with your ideas for your web site/s. Some famous categories are: Automotive, Communication, Corporate, Delicious, Financial, Fun, Industrial, Law, Medical, Real Estate, Sports, Technology and Travel etc. You can choose from over 100 templates. And remeber, you can change your templates at any time later.

Select Web Pages

Choose your desired web site pages from a list of common page names. Pre-formatted content is placed on each page the site builder creates. You have to replace it afterwards. The menu navigation on the site you build is going to be set up automatically by the pages names. At later stage you can create more pages and even change their initial names and purpose.

Enter Your Web Site Information

On that stage of your site creation you have to enter the web site's title. The text you enter as a title will be displayed on the top left bar of the browser, where site's heading stays. That part can be edited or changed in the future.

The second piece information required on step 3 is your valid email address. It may be used on your site for contact point.

Finish, preview and edit web site

Complete your web site creation. View what you have built using the "View Website" menu. Anything you decide to change can be updated easily from the "Template Manager", "Template Features" and "Settings" menus.

Text Content on your site can be changed and enhanced from the "Edit Page(s)" menu.

Order Paid Plan and Start Building your Site

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